AI for Trucking

TNX is cloud-based software that applies humanlike intelligence and autonomy to transport planning and dispatch. We combine unprecedented user experience with deep computation.

Our Vision for Practical AI
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More Truck per Truck

When you unleash TNX on daily trucking decisions, the result is sustainable cost reduction. TNX reliably cuts transport costs by 7 - 10 percent.
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Who is this for?

TNX is suited for two groups: (1) the modern logistics provider, and (2) a shipper who has in-house road transport planning. Ideal customers are satisfied with their existing TMS and start with decent data quality.

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What does the product do?

The software helps to decide how to use private fleet trucks, and how to tender transport jobs to contract or spot priced carriers. It does this at a granular level, meaning job-by-job during each day.

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