Procurement through science

Lower your buying rates with the first autonomous procurement platform built specifically for road transport.

How does it work?
where AI sits in the UX

Practical AI means real cost savings

As AI enters the workplace its hallmark isn't how well it mimics people, but how clearly it outperforms them. In something as quantitative as procurement you can be sure the TNX platform delivers perfectly measurable benefits.
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A new age of procurement technology

People aren't calculators: tracking and exploiting transport market dynamics is beyond human scale. In the arms race of pricing, the side with software beats the unaided one every time.
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Data Science

A market as large and fragmented as road transport offers fertile ground for machine learning. We use a portfolio of techniques to identify and exploit patterns in market prices and carrier preferences.

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Behavioral Science

As long as people are in the loop, you get an advantage by designing for them. Whether that is a carrier, a dispatcher, or a procurement manager: we study and nudge the user the right direction.

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