AI for Trucking

Our vision is simple: a world that gets more truck per truck. Making that come true requires some mature software, like databases and mobile apps. But we think that artificial intelligence (AI) is also crucial. It is an ensemble of technologies that change the game. They’re not science fiction, but they raise new questions. What’s possible? What’s best? In the sections below we lay out our view on five relevant AI topics. Also, sign-up to our newsletter and we'll keep you updated on what is new in the field.

What is AI in the trucking context?

AI has always been shorthand for whatever hasn’t been accomplished yet. But what distinguishes AI software from what might just be called automation?

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How, specifically, is TNX building AI?

Small-data, domain-focused, and above all practical. We typify an age of implementation: getting algorithms to work on everyday problems.

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What is AI's relationship to workers?

Not all intelligence is artificial. AI is here to serve transport planners with near limitless memorisation and computation, and then let them make meaningful choices.

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How will an AI for Trucking play or replace the TMS modules for truck planning?

The TMS isn’t artificial intelligence, and AI isn’t a TMS. We expect AI to be a multiplier on "systems of record" like the TMS or master data management.

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How important is it that actions of an AI are easily understood by people?

AI promises better performance. But users of AI want to also understand how the decision was made. This is explainable AI.

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